NFSH-The Healing Trust Healer Program

There are four different types of membership available to NFSH-The Healing Trust applicants.

1. Student Member. When you enroll for the Part 1 & 2 class, you will also become  enrolled in the Student Member program with the NFSH-The Healing Trust.  The annual membership fee is £25 UK pounds [approximately US $31-35]. You will receive your student member ID card and package from The Healing Trust, which will include: the Code of Conduct, Definition of Spiritual Healing, Student Member Log Book, Spiritus Magazine and a full description of your opportunity to become a Healing Member.

2. Healer Member can be applied for after a minimum of a 24-month period, and completing Parts 3 and 4, provided the criteria for healing member is met. Annual membership for healer member in the USA is £40 pounds, plus the cost of professional liability insurance. Licensure for contact healing may vary state by state.

3. Tutor Member available for those wishing to teach..

4. Associate Member: those in the medical field such as doctors and chiropractors who which to support energy healing therapy.


Our classes are designed for students who wish to develop their healing gift, help others [friends and family], as well as those wishing to become professional healers.

Upon joining, students will receive a Log Book for recording all courses and healing development meetings attended, as well as 40 contact practice healing hours and a copy of our Code of Conduct.

To support our Student Members and Healer Members, we offer healing development meetings and the opportunity to participate as healers at healing circles.

We also offer marketing concepts and opportunities via our Healer Referral Service, a listing on our USA website, and support from your USA tutors.

*Please note that anyone undergoing treatment for mental health problems should not undertake Healer Training.

 Applying for Member Healer

If a student is ready and has met all the requirements, they may apply for Member Healer after 24 months of joining as an intern. The application fee is £40 [or approximately US$50].

As a minimum, Student Members must have:

a. Completed Parts 1-4 of the Energy Healer Development Trainings;

b. Completed 40 hours of contact healing practice;

c. Have four client testimonials;

d. Have at least four clients with whom they have worked and who have benefited from their healing.

e. Professional liability insurance and appropriate licensing in your State.

d. Six hours development work with their mentor, which can include private healing sessions with your mentor, client case study development and demonstrate to your mentor  your ability to conduct a full healing session.

Student Members are then invited before a panel of Tutor Members, either in-person or via Skype, to:

a. Ensure they are conversant with the Code of Conduct by answering questions;

b. Give a demonstration of healing on a client sitting in a chair;

c. Discuss their understanding of the term Spiritual Healing;

d. Discuss their intention and calling to be a healer.


For a more visual explanation of your opportunities within The Healing Trust-USA, click on this flyer: 

Opportunities USA

Continuing Education Requirement

There is currently not a continuing education requirement, but it is always encouraged to continue your education in the complementary medicine field.