Research on Energy Healing

healing in america midwestResearch on Energy Healing

University of Connecticut Study on Bone Cells in Lab Dishes November 2008

Numerous studies on the effectiveness of energy healing can be found at The Healing Trust website at the Research tab.

“Some Implications of the Reported Effects of Johrei on the Viability and Proliferation of Cultured Cancer Cells In Vitro,” Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, vol.18 (3), March 2012

You can view more research on The Healing Trust’s UK website: CLICK HERE

“The NFSH-The Healing Trust’s new Logo!” Spiritus, The Healing Trust Members’ Magazine, October 2017:

The Charity’s new Logo reflects the seven chakra colors and embraces Sacred Geometry, thus preserving the energy of the organization. Its dynamic and powerful design was passed unanimously by Council and the Board of Trustees and is envisioned to move our Charity forward with renewed loving intent and vitality.