Spiritual Healing has been practiced for many years by different groups and individuals throughout the world.  In 1954 the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) was created with Harry Edwards as it’s first member and President until 1973.  Harry Edwards gave demonstrations of spiritual healing to 6,000 people in the Royal Albert Hall, and his healing efforts drew over 10,000 monthly letters requesting distant healing.  Through the efforts of NFSH, medical authorities were persuaded to allow Spiritual Healers to give Healing in hospitals in the UK.

Today, The Healing Trust which originated from the NFSH has become the largest professional healing organization in the UK.  Members of The Healing Trust practice in 10 countries throughout the world, including in the USA.  Our courses are taught in Naples, Florida, USA and can be offered throughout the USA.

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Video: [10 min]


Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary 2017 [9 min]


Harry Edwards Spiritual Healer 1 [12 min]


Harry Edwards on his philosophy of life [14 min]


Meditation by Harry Edwards  [14:13 min]


Toni Jode on the Harry Edwards Healing Centre [3 min]


Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Aerial view Summer 2014 [4 min]