Monthly Distant Healing Prayer List

When does the Distant Healing take place?

Every month, at our Community Healing Night, our dedicated NFHS-The Healing Trust members send healing to those who have requested it. The distant healing meets the needs of those people who are either unable to receive contact healing or who prefer to receive healing this way.

Requesting Distant Healing

If you or someone you know would like to receive Distant Healing please submit 1-3 statements of the desired outcome(s) you would like to experience. Begin your statement with, “I desire . . .”

For example, if you are experiencing depression you might write, “I desire to feel happy.”  If you have back problems, you may decide to write, “I desire to feel flexible and strong in my back.”  Here are some other possible statements.

  • I desire to breath easily.
  • I desire to think clearly.
  • I desire to make decisions that serve my highest good.
  • I desire to feel at peace.

There is energy in what each one of us says and thinks.  We encourage you to focus on a positive outcome, rather than on your ailments.  Our dedicated healers will send healing once a week for three weeks.  Though we can never promise a particular outcome, the healing energy we send is often beneficial in some way.

Healing Request Form